dance off.

i baked banana bread and rice krispie treats for kim's fundraiser for her theatre ensemble. i envision that the event was much like the end of girls just wanna have fun, but i think it was more of a regular dance party. with donations. and 1930s clothing.

another person was making cupcakes and cookies, so i decided to make goodies that could be individually wrapped. easily. i am pretty sure that i have not made rice krispie treats in 20 years. it's super easy. and messy, in a good way.

kellogg has been criticized lately due to its claims that rice krispies are good for immunity.

says the new york times:
Kellogg began adding extra antioxidants to its cereal last year, which it says help support the immune system. The company began advertising the change with large labels on cereal boxes that read in bold letters: ''Now helps support your child's immunity.''
but, there is a lot of madness surrounding the swine flu. so, kellogg will phase out the wording.

Kellogg said it will take several months to phase out the packaging but it will continue to offer the increased levels of certain vitamins in the cereal. Food makers have been facing increasing scrutiny for the labels that they put on their products, which have increased in number and scope in recent years.

the government was involved:

The FDA monitors the claims, but something like ''supports immunity'' is considered a structure or function claim -- which describes the role of a nutrient or ingredient and doesn't require the same scrutiny that other health claims might. So a company can say ''calcium builds strong bones'' or ''fiber maintains bowel regularity,'' but it's up to the manufacturer to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the claim, and they are not preapproved by the FDA.

we need help. better labeling. better products.
this is the first world.

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kimk said...

I was gonna get the H1N1 vaccine, but then I decided just to have one of your rice krispie treats instead. I already feel healthier. Thanks for the treats. They were a HUGE hit. xoxokim


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