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i haven't had the flu (knock, knock) since the 8th grade when EVERYONE got it. i never made it to school that week but, apparently, the line to the nurse's office was all the way through the school. there were probably about 900 kids in the school.

that was also the year i got the flu shot. and became a vegetarian.

i teach high school and spend my days with teenagers. those kids share everything (gross). it's expected (almost) that i catch something at some time, and while i have had a cold here and there, no flu. or anything. 2 sick days in 5 years--mostly because i needed rest. the kids (and staff) have had pneumonia, strep throat, mononucleosis, flu, swine flu, god knows what else.

i have a jar of star anise. i don't like licorice. i am unsure what encouraged the purchase. apparently star anise has shikimic acid, the active ingredient in tamiflu, the H1N1 and H5N1 antiviral drugs. we rely on a random fruit to save us. but, a person needs a lot of it, and the only way to get the proper dose is in the vaccine.

i don't want to get the vaccine, and do not plan to do so, especially for H1N1. it's so new. i had the chicken pox and survived and they vaccinate the kids for that now, too.

and the vegetables. i think this blog is a testament to the fact that i eat pretty well. i over-think everything in the grocery store, trying not to buy foods that traveled too far, come from companies who i know are evil, and/or have ingredients i don't understand or want.

there must be a connection between eating well and not getting sick, right? or i just have good genes? i hope both are true.

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