an index of things.
(not to be confused with one my favorite blogs, indexed).
  • the final issue of gourmet was so hard for me to find that tina had to mail me one. i guess that everyone else wants one, too. and then, as i read it, i was a little teary at its imminent disappearance. the recipes and photographs are beautiful and delicious. tracy and i have plans for a second thanksgiving, gourmet-style, which includes a pumpkin-ginger trifle. i have been dying for a reason to buy a trifle dish. and now, it is here.
  • marc bittman wrote about a maple pear upside-down cake. i want it now. (yes, i am channeling veruca salt.)
  • two of my students told me not to bring michelle canned soup. she's been out sick and the kids know we are friends and envision we spend every waking minute together. ANYHOW, why no canned soup? there is bpa in everything. ugh. at least they know. i didn't even have to tell them.
  • smitten with the potential of remedy quarterly. kick-started them on kickstarter.
  • crush on sam kass, white house chef. dreamy locavore.
  • bought hawthorne valley farm yogurt this week. i eat plain yogurt every morning with a little bonne maman confiture. this yogurt is a little sourer and more liquidy than others. i love that it comes from nearby and is organic and that they have a csa, but it's not my favorite. hence, i have been waxing poetic about french yogurt. they really know their yogurt, those french.
  • the food rut remains. this photograph is of a creation from early this week. it's a soupy noodle dish. i boiled the vermicelli in vegetable broth and added in sauteed carrots, broccoli, and chard. also included were white beans of some sort. i have so many kinds of dried beans and this jar wasn't labeled. i keep wanting to call them navy beans, but they aren't navy and that confuses me. but i think they are navy beans.
  • i want to go to the henry public. and i need an omnivore to accompany me. there is a turkey leg sandwich! i am curious. i always loved dark meat as a kid. i talked to tracy for a long time the other night about the dark meat of my youth, usually chicken thigh covered in italian bread crumbs or baked with mushroom soup.
i think that this might be all for this index. there's more. i'll get there.

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Lindsey said...

yum. i'll take some macarons and a turkey leg sandwich, please. I like dark meat, as long as it's not too greasy and congealed. Best when hot.


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