monsanto, the maker of agent orange, bovine growth hormone, ddt, and genetically modified seeds, suffered a tremendous loss on friday when france's highest court ruled that it LIED about roundup, its weed-killing herbicide.
The decision came just days ago and confirms an earlier court judgment in France finding that Monsanto had falsely advertised Roundup as being "biodegradable" and that it "left the soil clean."
almost all of our crops in the united states are gmo (genetically modified organisms) and most of those crops are monsanto-owned, as monsanto sells 90% of the WORLD'S genetically engineered seeds.

i can't really say that i am sad for monsanto. 1.) we haven't found the genetic modifications to bring higher yields. 2.) this is false advertising. 3.) at least, in europe, the government is unafraid to tackle the companies that are detrimental to the people.

the free market does not mean no regulations.

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