late wednesday, a spicy soup.

how to quickly make a spicy soup (asian-inspired? maybe?):
1. boil a cup or so of water and dissolve a vegetarian bouillon cube into it.
2. lower the temperature so that the water is simmering and add a handful of soba noodles. soba do not need very long to cook so it's ok to actually turn off the stove after a few minutes.
3. cut up most of a carrot and throw it in with the noodles. (i don't like carrots soft, but i did want them hot.)
4. in another saucepan, saute onions and garlic in chili oil until soft. add defrosted peas (hey! it's what i had!) and then big chunks of mushrooms.
5. pour the veggies into the soba/soup mixture. crush some black pepper over it. or anything else you might want.

there you go. so quick. and fulfilling.

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