staycation, all i ever wanted.

after i returned from portugal, i still had another week of spring break. adam had raved about a thai place in queens weeks before, and we took the afternoon to visit. that's what you do with weekdays free, right? eat? i mean, it was REAL THAI, not americanized thai.
sri pra phai. that's the name of the place. i have no idea how to pronounce it. the menu was enormous. a book.

i wanted to eat everything. we ordered a million things, it seems, and ate them all.
i tend not to photograph my food when i am in restaurant, unless i am traveling. but this was like being on vacation, as it included a queens neighborhood i had never visited and a train (the 7) that i rarely ride.
we even ate thai snacks after this feast. lots of weird gelatinous treats. they did not compare to the meal.
adam said it was even better the last time he was there! so, we'll have to go back. and attempt the remainder of the menu.


april said...

this adam guy sounds like he knows some shit

ashley said...

so true, april. so true.

Lindsey said...

jealous. want that Thai food.


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