yelena and i having been talking about the smith island cake for months now. it's the state cake of maryland and it's exciting enough for npr to do a whole segment on it! so, i decided to make one last friday, and have a handful of people over for cake and punch (that's gold-leaf punch, kids, another recipe by damon at prime meats).

this cake has 9 layers (though the recipe says it will make 10). i have 3 baking pans, so i had to bake 3 layers at time, let them cool, and then remove the cakes & repeat. they were like thin pancakes. i think that the icing should've been thicker, but, well, it was sugary chocolately goodness.

and peeps for garnish. that was all yelena.

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Lindsey said...

that is one attractive cake. i love all the layers.


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