not really for me.

my roommate brought home a copy of "jamie," jamie oliver's magazine. it's printed on thick, matte paper and is truly adorable. here's what i learned:
  • pig cheek and rabbit are also in fashion in the u.k. there's not as much pork belly as in brooklyn, but the pancetta and the streaky bacon (and rashers) are present.
  • jamie calls for a knob of butter in one recipe. it apparently just means "some butter."
  • TSG: traditional specialty guaranteed. defined below, by wikipedia (yes, wikipedia).
    Traditional speciality guaranteed is a trademark for an agricultural product or a foodstuff, which has a certain feature or a set of features, setting it clearly apart from other similar products or foodstuffs belonging to the same category. The product or foodstuff must be manufactured using traditional ingredients or must be characteristic for its traditional composition, production process, or processing reflecting a traditional type of manufacturing or processing. In other words, to receive a TSG status, the product does not have to be manufactured in a specific geographically delimited area; it is sufficient that it be traditional and different from other similar products.
  • in britain, there is something called the good food producers guide, which tells readers which shops and companies are using sustainable practices. 1000 places. i should write one of there for america. or at least new york.

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