we finished the arugula. homemade arugula pesto (with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, toasted pine nuts) over pasta with cherry tomatoes.

***you know how to make pesto, right? in case you don't, here's a quick recipe: chop two cups of arugula and 2 cloves garlic. toast 1/4 cup of pinenuts over the stove. use a food processor to chop it all finely with less than 1/4 cup of olive oil, maybe only 1/6. salt and pepper to taste. use your discretion.***

salad of turnip, cucumber, and carrot with lemon-poppy seed dressing and roasted beets.

and by "we," i mean shira. obviously.

ADDENDUM, october 9th, 1:50 pm.
i just ate the leftovers in my office while reading about food safety. and it was still super delicious.

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