yes, obesity is a problem here.

i went to the state fair. it's shocking to think that i attended the state fair in NC before TX. there is something to the fact that i am not a fan of football and the TX state fair, to me, is associated with the TX/OU football game. and i just don't care about that.
this is an image of the crown jewel of the NC state fair: a krispy kreme burger. my friend, casey , would not really eat until we found it. she does not even like donuts; she actually just had her first krispy kreme some weeks ago. but both casey and her husband, gordon, seemed to enjoy this decadence (and gordon ate a second one!).

it is important to note that you could probably have found anything you wanted fried at the fair: cookies, candy bars, frito pie, alligator, and even something just called "fried dough." and then there were all the staples: turkey legs, funnel cakes, cheese-covered french fries (yes, i ate some), corn dogs. everything is better on a stick.

but i ate fried mac n'cheese (please ignore my weird hair in this photo). and drank the most delicious homemade root beer in a tin cup that says pappy's (which i now own).
and, well, it's decorative gourd season!

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