parce que j'aime le petit dejeuner.

i was going to write about last night's dinner. about cdc calling obesity a "winnable battle." about bill marler maybe writing a book. about tom colicchio saying that "school lunch would be free for everybody" in an "ideal world" (mostly because that is my big plan for the country).

but i can't. i have to tell you about my breakfast.

because it was incredible. smashed red potatoes. edamame cooked in a little butter with kosher salt. collard greens with red okra (which turns green when you cook it) and onion. sliced tomato. a perfectly fried egg.

have you noticed the egg isn't being flipped anymore? it is SO very good this way; i am enjoying it more "sunny-side up" than "over."

even my coffee was extra tasty (maybe because i have returned to sweetening it with agave?).

i think it's the weather. everything is best in the autumn.


Shira said...

i <3 our csa

ashley said...

i mean, it's SO good.

Lindsey said...

the foached egg is my breakfast egg of choice, 'shlee. try it! all you need is a lid that you can put a splash of water in, and then put it over your frying egg. towards the end, so you don't overcook it.

your breakie looks beautiful. i love collards and eggs in the morning!!!


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