the hens.

there are hens at casey's house. in raleigh. in the city.

lady city chickens. including one named elvis.

i am really excited about these hens, mostly because they are literal egg-making machines. casey likes eggs at least as much as me (maybe more, it's unsure) and sometimes he brings eggs to my house. yes.

they are all different colors and sizes and are super good. LOVE.
so i photographed/videoed them for y'all.


Lindsey said...

CUTE. I like to seem them scratching around. Do they eat lots of bugs? Do they get supplemental food? Do they ever get sick? Is the yard dirty? Were they tame? OMG.

ashley said...

sometimes they scraps of veggies that would otherwise just get composted. and one of them had dysentery but otherwise, they seem pretty healthy. and happy.

casey picked one up but i am not sure she was happy about it. but they aren't scared.

and the most surprising part is that it does not smell. there's a coop where they sleep at night, but for the daytime, they run around in that fenced off part of the yard.

cjw said...

they eat lots of bugs, and seeds, in addition to their layer feed. they have never gotten sick. one had mites, not dysentery. we got her (and the mites) at the fair, unfortunately. the yard is clean, but their coop needs weekly cleaning. chicken poop makes great compost/fertilizer though.

ashley said...

there you go, lindsey. straight to the source.

i could swear there was discussion of dysentery but i might have just been thinking about the oregon trail.

Lindsey said...

I LOVE THE OREGON TRAIL. But it's so frustrating to shoot a bison and then not be able to carry all the meat back to the wagon.

Chickens! Maybe in my future, I'll keep some. I want the "jungle fowl" that lay blue eggs. For no reason other than HELLO THEY'RE BLUE CHICKEN EGGS. My Mom would be over all the time. She has a passion for chickens.

I have a passion for bug control. Hooray for chickens!

ashley said...

casey definitely brought me a blue egg this week. he probably knows which hen laid it, too.

cjw said...

i joked about dysentery because i couldn't remember mites. and then we joked about the oregon trail.

the blue eggs come from the ameraucuana chickens (aka the hens with dark brown bodies and a lighter yellow-brown head in the photos/video). we have a few.

also, we think the big black hen may be a rooster. he has been humping all of our hens.

ashley said...

if the hen is a rooster, you have to get him out of there! or the eggs will become chicks.

or maybe she's a lesbian hen.


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