once a year, usually in the darkness of winter, i eat a box of velveeta shells and cheese. i love it. it's got a weird packet of cheese that i know would survive nuclear fallout and pasta that cooks way too fast. is it because it is enriched? i have no idea. and truthfully, i don't really want to know.

but i always preferred velveeta to kraft mac n'cheese (which the canadians just call "kraft dinner"). i thought the powdery cheese, as a child, was even more bizarre than the processed velveeta. you can't use the whole packet; it's just too damn cheesey, but that means you can eat it again the next day. and then i am satiated for another year. i go back to over-thinking everything i put in my mouth.

oh! upon further research, i learned that velveeta is a kraft product. they just dominate the mac market. don't talk to me about annie's or any of the versions they probably sell at the cooperative. potentially tasty, also with a powdered cheese, but not the taste of my childhood. the taste of zoe's, maybe.


Tina said...

did you make this this morning?

ashley said...

you are hysterical.

i made it on wednesday.

MPM said...

i was about to be offended that you suggested i am feeding my kid processed crap.

but, let's be honest, the kid eats annie's mac & cheese like she hasn't eaten in MONTHS.

Courtney said...

Jordan is all about the Velveeta shells and cheese. She eats it by the fist full!


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