joe's bakery.

austin adventure, day two.
(yes, i realize that i have yet to discuss day one.)
blake took me to joe's bakery for breakfast tacos. and mexican pastries. i had two tacos: potato, egg, and cheese & miga taco con todo (migas, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and cheese). i am pretty sure that most people in the place were regulars. LOVED it.


Lindsey said...

do you always eat soft tacos? those are the best, i think. soft tortillas with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and green chili. I'm back in undergrad all over again. And it's 3 am, and the cops are watching us through the plate glass window because we're laughing too loud to be sober. But my breakfast burrito is SO GOOD, you guys...

ashley said...

in texas, we assume soft tacos. usually, the waitstaff will ask if you want corn or flour tortillas.

the chaifetzs are fans of flour.

and burritos are rare--almost always tacos.


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