i wanted barbecue. i mean, i didn't want to eat pulled pork (it's NC) or brisket (like in texas); i just wanted the taste of barbecue sauce. yes, i recognize that is not the same thing.

brace yourself: i made a barbecue-like sandwich out of tvp. i took a cup and a third of hot vegetable broth and added paprika, garlic, cumin, and chopped onion to it. i added in all of the tvp i had (probably about a cup) and almost a cup of barbecue sauce. it quickly becomes a sloppy joe sort of substance.

was it the best thing i ever made? no. not really. but we ate it on toasted buns with grilled onions and even more sauce and it was delicious. and some corn. oh, yes.

not delicious? the sweet potatoes pictured above. they went into the garbage uneaten. i had frozen them because i had received what seemed like a zillion in my fall CSA and i could not eat them all. we pulled them out and defrosted them and roasted them. i thought i'd smash them but they were unsmashable. i can't get into it, but it was a total fail.

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