so i randomly bought some veggie burgers the other day. this is something i, pretty much, never buy. they are never great and oftentimes, i end up feeling like i could make them myself. which is something that will happen on another day. not today. or this week.

of course i figured that smitten had a recipe for hamburger buns: light brioche burger buns. i decided that those were them, THE buns.

a few concessions in the recipe.

  1. i did not have any bread flour at home so i substituted all-purpose flour instead.
  2. i messed up adding the amounts of bread flour and all-purpose flour. 3 plus 1/3 equals 3 1/3. i did 4 1/3 cups of flour, which meant that the dough was too dry. DO NOT DO THIS. i added water and that eventually made it sort of muddy/slimy/weird but it worked. 
  3. due to no. 1 and 2, i did not want to waste an egg on an egg wash, as i was uncertain they would even be edible. i threw flax seeds on top because i love flax.
  4. the flax seeds did not stick due to the lack of egg wash. you live and you learn, right?

the buns turned out pretty well. i made a delicious, glorious veggie burger, topped with melted cheddar, added tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

we'll eat them again tonight so i'll let you know if they held up. the others are in the freezer for later bun desires.

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