casey's mama gifted me a kitchen scale for my birthday. it's pretty awesome. i'd been wanting one and then this adorable red one showed up on my doorstep. (there's a matching apron but that's to come later.)

we tested out its abilities by making ice coffee in the chemex.
we read loads of recipes for doing this in the chemex and we'd done it before! in the end, we followed this japanese brewed iced coffee recipe. i've got a metal kone filter so it brews a bit differently, but it's awesome because you don't have all that filter waste. 

cold brew tends to be weaker than i want. i am not sure why. even though we ran the water through the grounds twice. we ended up drinking the coffee with milk. 
and, we re-used the grounds to cold brew in a jar because the coffee was so weak. it was not terrible--about as weak/strong as what we made in the chemex.

but the scale was amazing.

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