i borrowed cookfight from the library (inter-library loan never ceases to amaze) because i love kim severson. the book is pretty simple and i didn't cook anything from it really, but i was a bit inspired by an easy jam recipe in the children's section. go figure.

in my freezer, there was probably one-third of a bag of frozen strawberries, gathering frost. in my refrigerator, there was probably one-half of a carton of blueberries, never to be eaten because i kept forgetting them and because blueberries are not my favorite.

i defrosted those strawberries, threw sugar all over them, and mashed the blueberries into the mixture. in a small pot, i cooked them with some lemon juice (maybe one-third of a lemon), until it reduced to a jam-like substance. after it cooled, i scooped it into a jar and placed it in the fridge.

is it the best thing i've ever made? no. but it's pretty delicious.

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