yesterday, jack and i were walking around my neighborhood and discovered what i think is a slaughterhouse, on classon. just blocks from my apartment. there are drawings of chickens on the sign and it says "live poultry" on the outside. when you are right in front of it, one can see into the garage and view cages and cages of chicken stacked one on top of another. probably 10 chickens to a cage. they could not move, much less walk. it was the opposite of what i had hoped for their lives.

food democracy had an informative essay on this such thing last week. everything on that website makes my stomach hurt but i read it anyhow. the article was about the resistance that animals are given extreme amounts of antibiotics so that they will be unable to catch any of the "superbugs," not because they are sick. it's pretty gross. and the numbers of animals that are "grown" this way is astronomical: 97% of poultry comes from these kinds of factory farms, pumped full of drugs i wouldn't want in my body. and it's harder to treat food-borne illness because of the antibiotic-resistant strains and the fact that we are becoming resistant to the drugs overall. oh. my. goodness.

and! the nytimes reports that "poultry is the number one source of outbreaks." do not eat the chicken. really, kids. it's scary out there.

but maybe it's because so few of us have ever seen a chicken. thanks, arrested.

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