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remember, i had 2 quarts of strawberries; i had planned to make this recipe. it was hot and sunny when i went to the farmers' market. but it was soon grey and rainy and the recipe says i need 3 straight days of weather about 80 degrees. what to do now?

find another recipe. poo.
and then i had to edit it because i did not have the correct amounts of ingredients.

1. hull and half strawberries. i probably had a little over a quart left.
2. zest and squeeze one lemon.
3. cook lemon and 1 cup sugar on super low heat to dissolve sugar.
4. add strawberries and cook on low heat for 20 minutes.
5. can.

i will let you know how this all tastes. and how long it lasts. but it was easy. and smells good.

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