methane, poo.

because some of you might not know: methane gas is a huge pollutant and contributor to climate change. yes, cow farts and burps.
"Cows have digestive bacteria in their stomachs that cause them to belch methane, the second-most-significant heat-trapping emission associated with global warming after carbon dioxide. Although it is far less common in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, it has 20 times the heat-trapping ability." (nytimes)
so, stonyfield farm has changed the recipe for feed. they have added more flax and alfalfa and decided to cut back on corn and soy, which we know are dominant parts of the american agriculture industry. they also apparently have a different structure, which makes the cows burp. this is not the only farm trying out new forumlas; there are 15 in vermont that have taken the initiative to change. adding more omega-3s to their diet is another potential solution, which is what group danone has done in france. choose your yogurt wisely. and eat more plants.

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