horn of plenty.

or cornucopia.

i went crazy yesterday in the farmers' market in grand army plaza. i was awake way too early and had a pocket full of cash. i followed my nose around the market, so i, of course, ended up with basil and arugula.

but also, some fancy mushrooms. and a baguette.
i think this is a maitake mushroom; it's from madura farms. i have been doing some "mushroom experimentation," trying as many as i can.
this is a yellow oyster mushroom, also from madura.
2 quarts of organic strawberries for $9. this was exciting. they are so expensive generally, and i have been holding out. last week, $6 per quart. i made a strawberry, basil, and onion salad to take to april and adam's house. yum. (there are also a handful of baby red potatoes in that bag.)
what? more? yes. carrots, asparagus, broccoli, onions.

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Lindsey said...

A maitake mushroom is also called a hen of the wood! I want to try it. There's a fancy restaurant named after the mushroom, and it serves hen of the woods, too. Yummy. Mushroom meal!


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