early and dark.

i didn't mean to get so far behind. the weather continues to confuse me, as it's dark seemingly all of the time. then, the lamp broke in my room and it was, in fact, very dark, all of the time.

a register of articles and interesting phenomena. appurtenances? maybe.
  • the pancake project. a guy in las vegas makes characters out of his breakfasts, usually pancakes. BUT, he made a waffle space invader! and you know i love space invaders.
  • twitter is really helpful for finding other people who care about the same things you do and, in my case, that means food policy: sustainability, whole foods, small farms, organic and pesticide free vegetables. here's a good list of people to follow that do, too. (in addition to me, obviously.)
  • jobs i want: farm to school consultant AND cookshop classroom associate. i am actually qualified for the second one. it's so awesome. i mean, someone would pay me to talk to kids about food and cooking?
  • oh yeah, and apparently, kids eat less junk food when middle schools stop providing it. there had to be a study done to figure out this information? ugh! well, as long as new programming is created, even if it is a dumb, expensive study.

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