until then.

i am going on vacation tomorrow and didn't buy many groceries this week. i have had a whiskey-filled last few days, which probably should have included more dinner, but the holiday parties are just that way. and kim had me over for dinner on tuesday to eat goodies from her csa winter share!

therefore, i think this meal is from monday. a stir-fry of acorn squash, broccoli, baby cauliflower, scallion, and maybe some bell pepper. i really like any meal that goes in a bowl, it seems.

ready for the bahamas. for a week, we will be in andros: rustic, undeveloped, and beautiful. i am SO ready.

BUT. in case you want something to read, go here. the nytimes explains that going meatless isn't all that bad. and the ladies in southern alabama make 15-layer cakes every christmas. and you can keep up with any food recalls on the fda site; it's not pretty, though. there are way too many.

alright, kids. over and out.


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