sunday funday.

let's start with the post-farmers' market breakfast. this might have been my last visit to the market for the year, and, hence, the season. it was raining; thank god for the super baby cauliflowers. they really made it worth the walk.

fresh baguette with a fried egg, sharp cheddar, and tomato. and, fingerling potatoes in olive oil, garlic, and scallions. i cut my finger while i was cooking these awesome potatoes and let the scallions and garlic sit in the hot oil for too long. it smelled like an onion bagel, thankfully.

and then, project 2.0: infused tequila. tracy and i are infusing two jars of tequila: one with cinnamon and one with chiles. the chile one will be ready tomorrow, and the cinnamon will be complete in a week. we used a 750ml bottle of tequila blanca and split it. so, we'll see... but we are super excited. if this goes well, we might infuse all sorts of things. fancy cocktails abound.

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