a baked deviation.

so, today was supposed to be my third baked sunday, but the monkey bubble bread required only items that i did not have. and with few people in town, it was never going to be eaten in its entirety.

and then, shira came over and brought a challah. so it was settled: baked french toast. the best thing i've had for breakfast in ages. (yes, still by the bakery baked.)
it calls for a raspberry sauce, but we did it with blueberry. the recipe also said to soak the bread in the egg-milk-cream-vanilla-cinnamon mixture overnight, but we did it for about 20 minutes and it went unharmed.
and i have tons of hazelnuts so i broke them up and added them to the almonds. yes.
i mean, don't you want to eat it now? the above photograph is immediately after it came out of the oven. insane beauty and deliciousness.
like dessert for breakfast. maybe better. (recipe to come.)


Tina said...

i want this recipe!it's looks yummy! the monkey bread one too.

Lindsey said...

fuck yeah, french toast with nuts! And fruit sauce! Bet it smelled amazing.


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