torchy's tacos.

on tuesday, november 23rd, i went to work with blake. it was very "take your hermana to work day," as i stood in the back of terra burger and drank double strength organic coffee (yes, FROM terra burger) and watched blake do things like play with meat. did i learn much? that's debatable. but the coffee was delicious.
ok, so he wasn't really playing with it, just taking it out of packages. he also cut lettuce. (is his hair in a ponytail? YES.)
i was really excited about all the labels they had for sandwiches and things. they were just so specific. lots of vegetarian-related ones. surprising for a burger joint, huh?
but then, courtney retrieved me and took me to torchy's tacos. torchy's started out as a food truck and now has brick-and-mortar shops all over austin. courtney told me that these tacos were big and not to order too much, especially because we were going to have chips and queso, a lovely part of every healthy breakfast.
the queso was incredible. what did they do it? no idea. but i put in on my taco (egg-potato-cheese) and ate mouthfuls of chips and drank more coffee.

and they gave me 4 sauces for my taco. for one taco! i don't know which ones they were but i ate them. seriously, i could eat tacos all the time. for every meal. i am not sure i would get tired.

i would be a very round girl if i lived in austin with all those tasty food trucks and tacos and sometimes tacos in food trucks. holy hell.

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