in preparation.

this is getting complicated. let's count: there are 2 caseys, 2 alexes, 2 michelles. both caseys have a last name that starts with "w" and both michelles live in new york. there are probably more duplicates but seems as though i am in favor of mentioning caseys and michelles. (additionally, shira has at least 3 friends named amy, 2 in the triangle. we each have a hannah, but she also has an anna and a suzannah. did i mention i am moving in with her? MUCH better things are on the horizon, and more confusion as to which friend is being referenced.)

so, on saturday, casey (who has the hens in his yard) drove me to a million (actually 3) grocery stores plus the liquor store to buy things for the punch. when we came back, i made us some rye toast with cheese and a fried egg. and he put potato chips on top of it! blake and i are huge fans of potato chips IN our sandwiches but never really ventured into the open-face potato chip realm.

maybe because they fall off? no idea. he looks very serious in the photo. a jedi mind trick to keep the chips on top? i hope.

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Tina said...

i love chips on sandwiches. i used to eat salami and cheese or bologna sandwiches with chips on them.


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