alex and i have been going on about sonic for at least a week. we learned that there is one in mebane (pronounced meh-bin, not meh-bane) and have scheduled a visit.

but casey and i went hiking in the uwharrie national forest on saturday and passed one in siler city on the drive down. and he was not so excited about it at the time, but i wanted soda immediately. with all that perfectly round ice that's like sno-cone ice and fancy flavors you can have added. casey had never been to a sonic (they aren't so common in the north) and so he had no idea what he was missing.

i waited. there's no need for a flavored soda at 10am before a planned hours-long hike.
but on the way home, we stopped. for vanilla coke and tater tots and grilled cheese, which we ate in the car like good americans.

now, a dairy queen blizzard and we are in business.

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