let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

holy bananas. i have never gone so long without a real post! april was a beast, full of linear regressions and microeconomics and food ethics and seriously, nothing actually fun. 

how do even begin to recount what i ate/cooked/baked? these photographs are not so telling.

april 4th: pretty sure i cooked everything in the april issue of bon appetit, including grape leaves, which were a serious undertaking, only completed as a friend sat with me, laughing as i rolled them.

april 6th: fried egg, roasted potatoes and mushrooms, tomato salad, garlic bread, leftover roasted squash and some other vegetables (this is where it gets complicated).

april 8th: greek yogurt (which i love but it's WAY more expensive than the regular kind, so i only buy it on sale) and leftover garlic bread. this is certainly a meal created from a lack of time. 

april 15th: this one makes me hungry just looking at the photograph. salad with carrots and radishes (which i fell in love with this spring), egg over-medium, roasted blue potatoes (i get extra utility from food that's an exciting color), toast with cream cheese. 

april 17th: perfectly fried egg (i mean, seriously. look at it.), carrots + hummus, avocado + ryvita, salad of red quinoa, chickpeas, tomatoes, and radishes. 

april 17th, dinner: a salad? is there a carbohydrate hiding under those veggies? i have absolutely no clue.
more eating adventures from april to come.

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