i am back, kids. back to the baked sundays. this week, cowboy cookies. with pretzels and chocolate chips. but i bet you could put practically anything in them--potato chips, nuts, candies.
you have to think about these ahead of time, as the dough is to be refrigerated for 4 hours(!) before baking.
also, the recipe calls for espresso powder but i didn't have any, so i just left it out. i am sure they would be EVEN BETTER with it, but they are pretty awesome as is.
and! last night, casey was a super helper in the kitchen, making mint juleps as i got everything ready and decided it was "the night" to learn to use the stand mixer. all very exciting.  we're off to a cook-out in a bit so i am taking this trove of cookies with me.


Nina said...

Welcome back! I love your photos--do you use instagram? Yay for the standing mixer....am sure that everyone will love these cookies!

Bourbonnatrix said...

love how chunky your cookies look! great job on the moody pics!

ashley said...


i just got an iphone so i am learning how to use all the cool filters on the hipstamatic. i just joined instagram but i haven't really started using it yet. i am getting there... thanks for all the support!

Candy Girl said...

I love your vintage-y pics too!


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