in which

i eat breakfast and watch nova: secrets beneath the ice. there's nothing like a little climate change and end-of-world discussion to start my day in fear.

mustard greens (my least favorite greens, but they came in the CSA and therefore i have to eat them) with garlic and pepper, a salad of spicy radishes, tomatoes, and israeli cucumber with olive oil and sea salt, scrambled egg whites* and spring onions with gouda on sourdough. 

*why egg whites? i made gelato yesterday and used up the yolks. so now i have to find ways to eat the whites. today, i hid them in a sandwich. there are more. ugh.

**also, i took this photo on my new iphone. i am trying to figure out if that's going to be a more efficient way to do this blogging. i am a slow phone typist so it's doubtful it will ever all be done from the miraculous iphone.

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