when we read, we begin with A-B-C.

wait wait wait. my newest goddaughter is here! and she's adorable. we'll have to get her a baby spatula or something.

april 22nd: this is my favorite kind of meal. fried egg sandwich on seeded bread with avocado and cheese, chichpeas + tomatoes + cucumbers + olive oil, coffee. hard to beat.

april 23rd: fried egg, coffee, toast with cream cheese (i was in a phase), avocado slices, chickpeas, salad of watercress, radishes, and cucumbers.

april 26th: lima beans (tina's fave), baguette with brie and pea shoots (sounds like a "ladies who lunch" kind of sandwich), sauteed kale, tomato + cucumber salad.

april 28th: this seems like some sort of "fusion," but is really a mess of everything i had in the fridge. tacos with kale, refried beans, ricotta salata, avocado, onion, garlic, salsa verde.  and potatoes.

there's more to april, but those will be individual posts. i mean, sunrise biscuit kitchen cannot share its moment in the "smashedgoods sun." it's too much.

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