cook out.

so, for many many months, i begged casey to take me to cook out every time we were driving for more than 30 minutes and never did he oblige (for the record, we don't usually pass one because they are in raleigh or outside of town). yes, yes, it's a burger joint but also there are milkshakes. like a billion kinds of milkshakes. and, apparently, if you bring them something, they will PUT IT IN YOUR MILKSHAKE. i've got nothing to bring but i bet a piece of cake would be delicious.

yes, it's not really needed because cook out has so many flavors. i got one on my way back from new bern a couple of weeks ago. it was peach pie. as in, there was peach pie in my shake. it was a little too sweet, but they are only $2. next time, i'll probably just get peach. or strawberry. i like a a fruit dessert.

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