i went back to work--teaching the teenagers about u.s. history, government, and economics. i waited until 3rd period to mention corn, which was a minor accomplishment in itself. i haven't talked about food and agriculture in economics class yet, because they don't know how to define economics. we had a good discussion about words and historiography in u.s. history and a loud debate about healthcare in government. they want it. now. for everyone. this might be a moment when the immediate gratification mentality of that generation might be useful to congress. no more dillydallying.

i also have my housing works shift on thursday nights, so day one was overwhelming in general. it just wouldn't end. luckily, there was good coffee at every step of the way, and when i arrived at housing works, i was told the baker was not going to be there that night, so i got to bake, which is pretty cathartic for me. 3 quiches, 2.5 dozen cookies, 1 dozen muffins.

by the time i get home on thursday nights, it's after 9pm. late for dinner. but i was starving. i had some leftover long-grain brown rice in the fridge, and i cooked some black beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, and garlic in a pan. i put some shredded cheddar over the whole concoction. it was almost chili. and hit the spot.

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