it looks so good, right? natural light really does the trick.

today's breakfast: sliced tomatoes and peppers, yellow corn chips. toasted sandwich with an egg over-easy and pawlet cheese from consider bardwell farm. so tasty, that cheese. and iced coffee.

also of note:
  • this week's issue of the nation is all about food; it is themed "food for all."
  • hi-fructose magazine is really cool, and there's quite a bit of stuff about food.
  • the fda is adjusting its guidelines on beer and other malt beverages because of the increased instances of gluten-free beer.
  • i am agitated about "no impact man," a film about a man who swears off plastic, electricity, non-organic foods, and more for one year. and forces his family to do so, too. this is not the solution.
  • i had the BEST lunches when i was in elementary school, when tina was still making them. i am positive that if she had known about bento boxes, i would have had one.
  • i have been watching man v food on netflix: watch instantly. so excited for juan in a million when i get to austin in a few weeks. i will not be attempting the don juan taco eating challenge, though. (i did once try to convince a date that i could out-eat him. he did not believe me, but did not let me try, either. i won that pie-eating contest last year, you know. it's on youtube. and is so gross.)

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Tina said...

I am so happy that you enjoyed your childhood lunches....


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