not so pretty.

my food is ugly in my new apartment. i am trying to figure out how to better photograph it. maybe from my bedroom, where there is natural light? it's unsure at this junction.

however, i am learning how to use the electric stove. it's frustrating. i am making a vow never to move into an apartment that has one again. i don't see how it makes sense.

my farmers' market is pretty awesome, though, and on week one, i obtained both yukon gold potatoes and yellow chard. i sauteed them with garlic and oyster mushrooms to makes this beautiful dish.
and ate it with a tomato, basil, and mozzarella sandwich. it was week one; there was no way that mozzarella was going to waste.
and then, fried egg on whole wheat with kirby cucumbers and carrots. yes, everything came from the farmers' market. there is also tomato and mayonnaise on that sandwich, i think.

but you see? the light's all off.
and last sunday, peaches. fried egg on toast. a salad of onions, chard, chickpeas, and mushrooms.
i might as well be using a camera on a phone.

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a d r said...

On the one hand, I miss my gas cook-top so much, on a nearly weekly basis. On the other, my electric oven does a much better job of getting to the correct temperature and staying there.


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