the stove is electric.

this is not like when bob dylan went electric. the shock of it is similar but the result has yet to be so incredible.

so, new home. new kitchen.
  • the stove is electric. as is the oven. uh huh.
  • the grocery stores are fancy and expensive.
  • there is no sharing of groceries, so no surprises in the fridge. no treats.
  • the plates are enormous. mine are STILL in storage, as are my pots and pans.
  • the kitchen has no window. the strong, white light of the lamps makes the food look less sexy and more like i am in a hospital.
  • the farmers' market is on sundays, until october.
my first breakfast in this house was pretty good, but not pretty. the egg got stuck to the pan. BUT i do think it was a win overall: tomato and basil and fresh mozzarella salad, carrots, fresh baguette, and the fried egg.
it can only get better.

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