whole wheat.

why? why did i buy the whole wheat pasta? i know it is just as processed as the white. it just SOUNDS healthier. i played into the hype. (this is much like yesterday, when michelle and i were at cvs and saw that a name-brand make-up had changed much of its packaging to a bright green color. i asked her if she thought it was to make us believe it was "greener," more earth-friendly, and she said yes. but there was no suggestion on the packaging that it was any better than it was before. because it was not.) but i digress.

i don't like the whole wheat pasta (lindsey does). it's softer and has an odd consistency. luckily, i had so many other goodies in the bowl: fresh tomatoes, chard, chickpeas, garlic, mushrooms, and crushed red pepper. ok, so there were probably TOO many things in the bowl. that's ok, too.

on another note, i think i am going to buy fresh pasta from now on, as it seems like there is more than one place in my new neighborhood that makes it. that's so much more exciting all-around.

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Tina said...

I'm not crazy about whole wheat pasta either..it's sweeter...is it healthier??? i've mixed it with regular pasta and it was okay!


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