my new neighborhood is historically italian, and there are all these little meat and cheese shops. i purchased a 1/2 pound of fresh mozzarella on sunday and have been slowly enjoying it with every meal. it's really so special, so much better than the processed weirdness of the grocery store.
i also picked up about 4 different varieties of tomatoes. i don't know their names, but they are incredible. tomato season was not as awful as i thought it would be. or maybe i am just paying extra. well, it's worth it.

a combination of finds. a baby salad.
mmm... today's breakfast.
  • sliced kirby cucumbers and carrots.
  • fried egg.
  • the baby salad of fresh basil, tomato, and mozzarella with a little olive oil, sea salt, and ground pepper.
  • leftover rice sauteed with oyster mushrooms

yes. improvement already. it makes me hungry to write about it.

oh, and p.s. there is deep-fried butter at the texas state fair, among other things.

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Courtney said...

that looks delicious! (not the deep fried butter part)


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