the babies.

no, not human babies. baby carrots.

i hate baby carrots. (yes, i found the only photograph in my library with baby carrots.) they are weird and watery and wasteful, as the producers take naturally-sized carrots and slim them into a hand-held shape. what a waste of delicious.

a bunch of carrot farmers, as they call themselves, are rebranding baby carrots to be competitive with junk food. this, on some level, is really awesome. maybe kids will eat more carrots instead of combos or pork rinds or doritos or whatever they eat these days. but the advertising is to trick them into it. i guess that's what all advertising does, right? go here.

and then! they became "the world's most xtreme snack." and will have an iphone app. god forbid.

they are CARROTS. delicious, delicious carrots. not a video game.

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