fat kids.

it's unfortunate that we have to do studies to prove this fact, but:
The University of Minnesota's Project Eat, under the direction of Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, continues to publish influential survey results showing, for example, that kids eat better when they have family dinners, are involved in food preparation and don't watch so much TV.
there's also this:
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that 34 percent of American adults are obese, up sharply over the past decade. Another 34 percent are overweight.
read the whole article here.

this really leads into my big idea that we cut down on bureaucracy and stigma towards kids who get free and reduced lunch by providing free lunch (family style) to all elementary school kids. i am positive (though i have yet to do the research) that it would cost about the same as figuring out who gets what and how and at what price. maybe even hire cafeteria workers who can cook... i know it's sounds a bit communist but i am positive i am onto something...

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