sometimes, i forget to post the deliciousness and then i see all the photographs in my iphoto and curse myself. lots of sandwiches and coffee and breakfast and some eggs that are not fried.

august 29th: "the say goodbye to summer." rye toast with quark, granny smith apple, slice of cantaloupe, hard-boiled egg, salad of okra, peppers, and the last of the summer corn.
september 4th: "tastes like breakfast at 503." fried egg sandwich with arugula and tomato on whole wheat, with carrots, round yellow cucumber, and avocado.
september 7th: "the greasiest." grilled cheese with cheddar and tomato, black-eyed peas with onions and serrano, purple and gold potatoes with garlic and olive oil and sea salt.
september 9th: "a once-diet breakfast." salad of tomato, cucumber, carrots, and red leaf lettuce, with a hard-boiled egg, cantaloupe, and pear.
and soon, my findings on food safety. i've got to keep up on the policy front. i don't want to fall behind on the blog when i am learning so much. today's just not the day i want to think about the government.


Lindsey said...

How many fried eggs and fried egg sandwiches do you think you eat, on a monthly basis?

ashley said...

usually 2 per week (saturday and sunday). one more if i am lucky. i try to limit myself to no more than 3 eggs in one week.

i do, however, take sandwiches everyday for my lunch at school. no eggs. and always 1-2 carrots.

Tina said...

i wish you were here to make me sandwiches for lunch

ashley said...

it could happen.

Tina said...

so..when is it going to happen? you make me a delicious sandwich like you make for yourself???


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