muscadine grapes are hard to eat, but tasty as hell. the local delights have seeds, which we are not so used to anymore, as grapes have seemingly been mutated to be seedless for at least my lifetime. muscadine grapes also have a thick skin. really thick.

thick enough for many people not to eat it, which is exactly what i eventually learned to do.

they are awesome, like drinking the best grape juice or a mild wine. but you have to work.
i would love to go back to this meal, of toasted sourdough with melted white cheddar, tomatoes, and sprouts, with sauteed spinach and onions. and the grapes. i think i am going to make dinner now, but i know there are no sprouts in the fridge, which is frustrating because this photograph makes me crave them.

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Lindsey said...

you have such sandwich skills, ashley.


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