miniature food book.

so i have a handful of these little books (from paragraph cove) that are approximately one inch by one inch. the paper is inconsistent--some of the pages are lined, or graph paper, or a map, and so forth.

i drew little food pictures in one today for my friend, lindsey. i have included the highlights; i am not an incredible artist, but i think it's pretty cute.

she's in paris with her girlfriend. i hope that, when she sees it, she says, "je l'adore!"


Tina said...

love it. i'm sure lindsey will too.

Lindsey said...

i saw it online, before i actually got it! IT'S SO FUCKING ADORABLE! Just like you, smashley. GOD DAMMIT. SO CUTE.

Lindsey said...

now i just want to make little books and draw in them. what a fab, cutie idea.


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