i almost forgot that i LOVE sprouts. especially in a hot sandwich. when i worked at a cafe in college, we made one vegetarian sandwich and it had avocado, swiss, tomatoes, sprouts, and dijon mustard, toasted on a baguette. this morning's sandwich was reminiscent of that one, but with a fried egg (obviously).

sourdough with havarti (which reminds me of liz), sprouts, avocado, and fried egg.
i am crazy looking here because i am un-caffeinated and starving. i have since recovered.

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Lindsey said...

You make the best-looking sandwiches. Have you looked at Scanwiches online? I want that toasted sandwich with avocado, havarti, and egg. Without sprouts! The seed casings get caught in my teeth. Just give me the fat, maybe add some cucumber and roasted pepper. Mmmmmmm!


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