bahama mama.

the bahamas. mangrove cay, andros: home of rustic beauty, blue holes, and THE nicest people. and lots of conch. LOTS of it. we kayaked, snorkeled, beached, drank kalik. you know, vacation.

during a stopover in nassau, brett and i ventured out into town, as they say, and ate some bahamian snacks. the locals call everything a "snack," even when it's a meal, it seems. i ate plantains and rice & peas and macaroni.
and conch fritters, which mostly tasted like fried. fried anything.
we tried this goombay punch, which was like a fizzy red bull. yelena seemed to enjoy it, but i thought it was pretty gross. otis taylor was, by far, the awesomest person on the island. he's the owner of da pond, a café of sorts, accompanied by a shop that sells notions. there were lots of drugs and notions spots, but few cafés. we hung out with him quite a bit, and even let him convince us to dance at the junkanoo.

and! his mother made us bennycakes. they are sweet, cookie-like treats made with lots of sugar and sesame seeds, which the bahamians call "bennies." she sent them to us hot from the oven. i was still eating the remnants of the batch as we boarded our return flight. we also had the opportunity to taste mrs. taylor's homemade macaroni, with spicy peppers in it. i could have just stayed at her house for the vacation...
brett and i rode our bikes to boston's hot spot, owned and operated by boston himself. he specializes in conch salad, which is like a fresh, orangey salsa with conch throughout it. this conch was potentially not cooked, and is a little gummy like calamari. but this would have been THE best salsa. and, some of you know i had a cane practically tossed at my head on the outbound flight. it's gross, so i am not going to get into it, but brett animated the experience for you all to see.

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