monsanto is killing us.

and has been for years: Agent Orange, saccharin, bovine growth horomone, DDT, aspartame, Roundup. THE MANHATTAN PROJECT. it's insane that this corporation continues to exist, that there are no laws against their products.

it's been a crazy couple of weeks for monsanto. let's recap.
  1. its gmo corn was linked to organ failure.
  2. small victory for monsanto on friday. federal court said "rival Dupont had violated the terms of a contract in combining Monsanto technology with its own in producing genetically modified seeds." there will be a second round.
  3. antitrust probe into monsanto and its roundup soybean technology.
  4. supreme court to hear case on monsanto's alfalfa. justice breyer will not be participating due a conflict of interest; his brother, also a judge, issued the initial ruling.
  5. monsanto was also forbes's company of the year. see the full article here.
in case you are not into monsanto's practices, there's an interest group. i always tell my government students that there's an interest group for everything. it's so true.

this company is killing us. and the planet. save yourself. buy organic. and local, while you're at it.


Kiesha Jean said...

You forgot to mention that former Monsanto exec Michael Taylor was appointed to the head of the FDA as Deputy Commissioner of Food. The guy that banned labeling of GMO foods and approved rBGH. Oh, and they did it the day after Haiti so there would be almost no way for any news anywhere to remotely get a whiff of it. Do you think the American people know that as they give attention to Haiti Monsanto is literally taking over the worlds food and crops?!

ashley said...

i knew i forgot something! and the FDA was without a person in that position forever. and now this!

thanks, keisha.

Kiesha Jean said...

I was so upset I ended up posting a huge article here
it's had about 600 hits in the past 3days :) So, at least a few more people know now!


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