quick and easy.

keith and tracy were gobbling up all the treats from momofuku the other night, but it's super meaty, which is why i haven't been there yet, nor did i taste anything from the piles of food in my house.

so, i am made something quick and easy. tracy and i had plans to go back to prime meats (my fave these days) to sample their punch once again, as i have a new punch bowl (more on that later). i made a quick broth with a veggie bouillon, sauteed some collard greens with scallion and garlic, and tossed it with firm tofu and vermicelli noodles (i had some leftover from an earlier recipe, so they were ready already).

i ate it too fast. that's a good sign.

p.s. and that drink? grapefruit-sage gin punch. those moustached kids at prime meats really know how to make a knockout punch. and an old-fashioned. much love.

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Lindsey said...

i enjoy an Old-Fashioned! I must have some punch. And now I miss collard greens. Lately I'm eating turkeyloaf and baby spinach, and eggwhite omelets with tomatoes and beans. Not bad.


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