i guess we all have different versions of comfort food. my incarnation usually includes cheese or noodles or something savory and fried or all of the above. this week of below-freezing temperatures had me eating pasta on more than one evening. twice, i made pasta with tomatoes, garlic, onion, and collard greens, with slices of fresh mozzarella.

but, i also did some food shopping in chinatown. it's been a long time coming, but it finally happened. purchased: rice noodles, vermicelli, dried mango, panko, coconut milk, spring roll papers, soba noodles, and some spicy, savory snacks.

wednesday, i made rice noodles with peanut sauce, loaded with tofu, onion, and collard greens. the collard greens were an experiment, as i had never added them to this particular recipe before. it was excellent. healthier, maybe. and i ate a mound of it, as you can see.

and yesterday, in a hungover fog, i made spring rolls for myself and tracy. full of carrots and vermicelli and fried tofu and cucumber, with more peanut sauce. it's been a fatty week. so good.

recipe for peanut sauce and spring rolls here. (yes, i am linking to myself.)


Elanna said...

Have you tried using won ton wrappers to make ravioli? There was a great recipe in Gourmet last year. Frozen peas and parmesan in the food processor for the filling. They are really fast and really yummy.

ashley said...

that's so smart. i've only made ravioli the old-fashioned way and it was not pretty.


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